Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery is a mixture of solutions for data backup and disaster recovery that operate collaboratively to ensure business continuity for a company. Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions provide stable, convenient, monitored, and continuous backup and quick data restoration through cloud-based technology. So why do you need such solutions in business? In the current business world, data is the most valuable asset, so keep your data secure from ransomware, hardware failure, natural disasters, and human error, you need proper backup service as a part of your technology footprint.

In order to protect your data, Geek Force USA implements thorough backups and develops strong safety processes. Our solutions for backup and disaster recovery integrate the entire disaster recovery process into a single service, such as storage, design, testing, monitoring, restoration assist, reporting, and much more. We have a security solution that gives you complete confidence that your confidential data is protected against malware and other malicious threats. Here are some key factors that describe why Santa Monica companies consider our services to keep the business on track:

We will back up your data in a short time if your network goes down or data is lost.
To serve you better, we keep up-to-date on the latest techniques in disaster recovery and backup solutions.
We deliver business continuity strategies to reduce the risk of a data breach and loss of productivity levels.
Periodic monitoring enables you to keep an eye on the work without yourself having to do the work.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services offered at Geek Force USA for Santa Monica Businesses

To provide your company with the exact level of security it needs, we provide a variety of backup and disaster recovery solutions in Santa Monica.
Santa-Monica Local & Certified Backup and Disaster Recovery Partner

Highly managed solution and monitoring in real-time

The backup and disaster recovery process will be integrated into one comprehensive plan through our highly managed solutions. For each aspect of your backup and disaster recovery plan, we will store, design, evaluate, monitor, and support. Our data recovery solutions will be there to help when you need to retrieve a file or access an application. You can easily grow your business configured with 24/7 effective backup monitoring along with human-backed interference and restoration. Periodic monitoring helps you to keep an eye on the workload without yourself struggling to do the work.

Qualified team of professionals

We are serving a number of businesses in Santa Monica and its neighbouring towns with more than a decade of experience. This experience has brought us a great opportunity to provide backup and disaster recovery services to organizations with highly diverse infrastructure. Our professional team interacts with you to identify your goals and priorities and also to evaluate the infrastructure effectively to avoid and identify problems. Geek Force USA has served a large number of businesses that have attributed our expertise to different industries. With these aspects, we are observing an increasing demand for our backup and disaster recovery solutions in Santa Monica.
Santa-Monica Experienced IT Professional
Santa-Monica Cost-Effective Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions


We serve a significant number of small and medium-sized companies, so we understand that a few of such companies may not have a specific plan for IT services. Without compromising quality, we support them with affordable backup and disaster recovery solutions. In order to keep your businesses running, we will develop a comprehensive plan to avoid costly downtime. For a minimal subscription premium, you can maintain your business prepared for every data loss occurrence. We are proud to be a value-for-money provider rather than boasting of being the smallest backup and recovery provider. Our cost-effectiveness has been provided to us by several clients.

Satisfaction with clients

As a reliable source of backup and recovery, we know that a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. In years of experience as a provider of backup and data recovery, we have gained the trust of a number of clients through our excellent customer service. With a decade of experience, we are providing backup and disaster recovery services, that helped us to understand the importance of customer service. We are doing best to keep your IT profitable and efficient, from secure backup to quick disaster recovery. Our disaster recovery service uses innovative and protective back-up techniques with mitigation procedures that integrate back-up protection.
Client Satisfaction Backup Disaster Recovery Services in Santa-Monica

Why Choose Us?

Geek Force USA provide IT services to Santa Monica companies that help businesses prevent data loss and other problems by providing industry-leading backup and disaster recovery services.
A highly integrated testing environment is part of our backup and disaster recovery, so we can analyse and validate backups for you.
If the worst is about happen, our cloud backup services will ensure that your information and other files are safe and recoverable.
Our experts work to identify mission-critical data and, develop a backup framework in accordance with your business and industry requirements.
We prefer a specific system that backs up all data and stores it off-site on a different server so that your information can always be accessed easily.
We provide immediate operational recovery service so that employees can move back to work, without any problem.
In a short period of time, we will get everything restored for you if your machine goes down and the information is lost.
Need help? We’re always here for you.


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