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In this technological age, there are certain ways to keep your business connected and operating it is important to believe the experts on your side, whether it is by network services, remote communication, access to files, or communication. Consider us here at Geek Force USA, whenever you need IT solutions and services for your Santa Monica business. Outsourcing IT solutions to Geek Force USA enables peace of mind and also less pressure & burden when it comes to IT services and infrastructure for the business. Providing IT services in the city of Santa Monica can help you solve challenging IT problems that slow down your business growth.

What We Offer

Santa-Monica Disaster Recovery Solutions for Business Continuity

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery is a mixture of solutions for data backup and disaster recovery that operate collaboratively to ensure business continuity for a company. Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions provide stable, convenient, monitored, and continuous backup and quick data restoration through cloud-based technology.
Santa-Monica Enterprise IT Support for Large and Small Business

Enterprise IT Solutions

Technological innovations simplify things easier, but technology has become much more complex today. As the IT environment becomes highly diversified with more technology solutions, effective management is necessary. Geek Force USA is delivering enterprise IT services to a variety of businesses in Santa Monica
Santa-Monica Hardware as a Service in Cloud Computing

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solutions are a convenient way to keep track of the IT expenses and lessen the need for frequent upgrades to equipment and operating systems. Hardware-as-a-Service by Geek Force USA offers a specific, inexpensive way to keep the IT infrastructure up-to-date.

Santa-Monica Cyber Security Solution Providers

IT Security Services

In today’s technology world, it is important to implement comprehensive measures to protect your business from cyber-attacks. And you worry about malicious activities by hackers, malware, and viruses that hinder you from going forward. From attacks and security breaches to malware & unspecified vulnerabilities.
Santa-Monica Qualified IT Consultant

Managed IT Support

Every business needs affordable and accurate IT support which enables the business to stay competitive and to mitigate any possible IT costs. One of most major decisions you can make for your business is selecting an IT support company. Geek Force USA is a leading provider of IT support in Santa Monica.
Santa-Monica Network Design and Integration Services

Network Design & Integration

Network security is a key component of today’s technology-driven practice. Your framework needs to be appropriately networked through specified techniques to optimize your investment. From design to network measurements, all the way to completion of Network Design & Integration.
Santa-Monica IT Virtualization Services and Solutions


Virtualization allows us to create multiple, complete installations of servers, desktops, applications, and other computer network resources on a single remote device. You would be able to access more IT, more memory, and more software than is built physically in your office by virtualizing your in-house technology.
Customized IT Service Support for Santa Monica
You need a customized IT service that meets your specific requirements and guarantees that your IT system is extremely reliable and secure. Your service will evaluate your needs as industry changes are coming, and proactively implement every technological advance to retain you ahead of your competitors and deliver the best possible service. Our IT solutions provide you the support to produce better business outcomes. Geek Force USA offers a wide variety of IT solutions to a number of businesses in Santa Monica including Enterprise IT Solutions, IT Security Services, Managed IT Support, Network Maintenance, On-site, and Remote Support, Service Desk, Backup & Recovery, and much more.
Geek Force USA is one of the leading providers of IT service providers for small and medium-sized businesses in Santa Monica. If you need to incorporate new technologies, develop advanced cybersecurity protections, or build an IT infrastructure from the ground up, our services are developed to help businesses move their operations into the long term. Geek Force USA works around the clock to keep the IT infrastructure updated, competitive, and proactive against security threats on a continuous basis. We will collaborate with you to integrate technology to boost your business and have the quickest response time.
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