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Top Reasons Why Companies Outsource IT

Top Reasons Why Companies Outsource IT

We are living in times when most of the companies are looking for digital transformation to stay in competition. While a few big companies are building their own team, majority of them outsource I support to managed services providers. You must be thinking about the reasons behind it. We must say that the reasons are more than one. Here we name a few important ones.

Reduces Cost

If you are a small or medium sized company, you must be understanding the cost of hiring employees, subscribing software, and buying equipment. There is a huge demand for skilled employees and hiring them may strain your budget. You can get these services for a monthly subscription.

Continuity of Services

By hiring a managed service provider, you will be ensuring continuity of your services. An IT support company understands your IT infrastructure, analyses the loopholes and devise a strategy accordingly. They work into round the clock environment without observing a holiday. So, you can reach then during the downtime.

Focus on Business

With an IT support service on your side you can stay focussed on your businesses. You don’t have to worry about things like a non-functioning computer, a bouncing email or lost data. All these things will be taken care of by your outsourced IT company. The time saved can be spent on core business activities.

Lessened Risk

Every industry has certain risks. Government policy may change, the existing technology may need an upgrade or some regulations may be enforced. Here an IT company with specialised domain knowledge keep you updated about the latest development in IT. Having prior knowledge of recent developments saves you from potentials losses.

Disaster Recovery

Data theft, cyber-attacks and phishing schemes are rampant. These threats may lead to loss of your data and business. Here a good IT support company will alert you about the threats, recover the data and keeps you from potential threats. An efficient managed IT service has expertise in data recovery that can be leveraged to your advantage.

Gives an Edge

Companies that manage the IT support on its own has to do research and implementation themselves. The cost incurred on research, development and implementation may make your products and services costly. On the other hand, hiring an outsourced IT company will give you a competitive edge.

Increased Productivity

A managed IT service may lead to increased productivity. The resource allocation to an inhouse IT team may be diverted to some more productive work. It also saves a lot of office space that can be used to include more employees in the area of core business.

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