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Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud solution has added a whole new perspective to businesses. Now, more and more businesses are looking toward migration to the cloud. This new technology has fuelled the search for cloud consulting services to integrate their business with the cloud. At Geek Force USA, we help businesses by guiding them on the selection of the right kind of cloud and its implementation. With rich experience in helping small and medium scale organizations, we are fully equipped to meet your cloud migration needs. So, cut your operational expenses, explore new possibilities, and meet your business objectives with our innovative cloud solution services. 

What We Offer

Superior IT & Cybersecurity Services

Cloud Security

With more and more businesses are taking to cloud computing, the demand for cloud security has increased manifold. Businesses are seeking these services to protect their resources from loss, leak and theft. As security threats are getting advanced, they need cloud security services that can outdo the attackers.
cyber resilience IT continuity

Businesss Continiuty

Your business is doing great, and all the departments are working well. But what if disaster strikes. Have you planned for it? How would your business continue? Here a business continuity plan could be of great help for you. At Geek Force USA, we have been providing business continuity services to businesses of every scale and size.

Cloud Consulting Overview

At Geek Force USA, we have a good experience in the implementation of different public and private clouds. We know the role of cloud in business growth, so we leverage our expertise over a host of different cloud functionalities. From server to application hosting and storage to disaster recovery, our cloud consulting services offers all these and more. 
As migration to cloud requires technical skills, our cloud consulting team has worked on some of the major public clouds like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform. Besides, we have also worked on some private cloud platforms. Being a cloud consulting of repute, we know the finer nuances of cloud technology, which is a relatively new technology. With a focus on technology, we keep ourselves updated on security threats, transitional strategies, and data safety. Please request a quote so that we can prepare a detailed plan for your cloud migration. 
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