Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) is a kind of leasing or licensing model in which hardware belonging to a managed service provider (MSP) is installed on the site of a customer and the responsibilities of both sides are established by a service level agreement. For small and medium-sized firms, the HaaS model can be a cost-effective way to provide the workforce with state-of-the-art hardware in a cost-effective manner. Geek Force USA’s Hardware-as-a-Service provides a proper, affordable way to keep the IT infrastructure updated. With minimal risk and investment, our service enables you to operate to your full potential. It will undoubtedly develop into more efficient and innovative processes & services for most businesses as time goes on.

Here are some factors that illustrate why HaaS should be used in your business:

With HaaS, to serve the organization's needs, all strategies can be incorporated quickly and efficiently.
To improve the workplace with the latest services and technologies, we are collaborating with the team to achieve greater efficiency.
All services and initiatives can be carried out through our HaaS easily and effectively.
We understand that for small and medium-sized enterprises, the budget is a major issue, so we make sure our services are affordable.
Our services are modular, so with the growth of the business, the hardware components will switch.

Offerings of HaaS for Carson Businesses

Geek Force USA is dedicated to providing businesses in Carson with a complete spectrum of IT solutions. The offerings of HaaS include:
Carson Cost Effective on hardware

Save money on hardware

It is challenging for any business organization to keep the hardware maintained and to have to update it. When essential components of hardware fail, small and medium-sized companies have it particularly tough because they don’t always have the necessary capital to fix it instantly. This is recognized by SMEs as a key problem for the competitiveness of the business. With Geek Force USA’s HaaS offering, the capital cost of buying new hardware can be converted into an operating expense. This enables you to have IT costs that are relatively static. In this manner, we will give a significant and beneficial impact on the bottom line of your business.

Greater security and support

Onsite support is available at all times, wherever you need it. Before they cause significant harm, Geek Force USA will monitor and remove ransomware, spyware, and bugs. We maintain all your assets, manage your expectations and service contracts, and provide security updates and software implementations. You can end the complicated challenge between managing budget expenses and keeping up with the new hardware with the upfront investment removed using our HaaS solution. We will configure the servers, routers, switches for your organization; all the necessary hardware you require.
Carson Upgraded-Hardware Services
Scalable Hardware-as-a-service-haas Solutions


As your company starts to expand, your infrastructure continues to grow, so you need to spend more on hardware. There are financial consequences for enforcing these specifications on your own, but Hardware as a Service can easily satisfy these specifications. Through our HaaS, all services could be carried out quickly and efficiently to meet your organization’s requirements. When specific issues arise, such as boosting the workforce or expansion, you may rely on Geek Force USA to help with the hardware. Therefore, you can state that the scalability requirements will be efficiently met by selecting us.

Extensibility and Proactive management

As your business expands, Geek Force USA will be with you so that you can ensure that our HaaS solutions will not become irrelevant. It is guaranteed that our response time is within the time period specified in your schedule. The HaaS framework is managed proactively and enables us to ensure consistency and quality in your business. Our monitoring systems recognize potential concerns and we quickly turn to the issue when it occurs. We also have the ability to maintain hardware monitoring continuously so that any problems can be resolved before they become serious.
Carson Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance in your Hardware
Why Geek Force USA for Carson Businesses?
Transform the IT infrastructure costs of your company from capital costs into an operating expense with our Hardware as a Service. There are reasons why organizations should incorporate Geek Force USA as a key element of their business processes:
We set the minimum operating rates and protect the business from misleading instances of fraud.
We work closely together to ensure maximum efficiency and performance so that the business is compatible with emerging technologies and services.
We offer up-to-date hardware in Carson to make our clients' operations more efficient.
The latest technology is always upgraded, meaning consumers don't have to worry about upgrades.
We monitor the output of your hardware so that we can find out the issues before it starts going up.
We streamline procedures and continually modernize them with exceptional end-to-end service accuracy.
Need help? We’re always here for you.


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