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Enterprises in the media and entertainment industry have a number of huge files to transfer and store, high prices, and the increasing risk of data breaches. Technology solutions are rapidly evolving, creating new business models in the media and entertainment market. Geek Force USA helps you achieve success through custom IT solutions with the challenges of scaling a media and entertainment business, staying up with the competition, and satisfying customers. As a consulting services company for Media and Entertainment in Carson, Geek Force USA provides full-service IT services and business technology solutions that meet the unique needs of the media and entertainment industry. If the consumer’s understanding of the industry shifts, our media, and entertainment digital technology resources continue to be sharpened. We will help your M&E business, where technology is continually evolving, become more flexible, agile, and scalable.

With customers from major media companies to small entertainment firms, we will help you with:

Ensure zero downtime, simplify, and centralize network management.
Better and more consistent server and network performance.
New systems implementation and improved digital flexibility, efficiency, and stability.
Through IT protection and backup & recovery services, we safeguard your data with modern technologies and maintain its stability.
Minimize inefficiency of technology implementation and bring the media industry to new heights .
Benefits of Media and Entertainment Consulting Services
Geek Force USA offers cutting-edge IT services to keep up with customer’s growing needs and stay ahead of the competition. Benefits of Media & Entertainment industry include:
Carson Proactive IT Support for Media & Entertainment

Accessibility based on the Cloud

It’s time to step away from physical movement and encourage efficient and accessible post-production editing wherever your partners in the entertainment and media industry or wherever your shot is placed. Keep all of your data in the cloud easily and securely. With Geek Force USA, by working with the most flexible, high-demand performance cloud computing solutions available to engage your viewers at every step, you will have access to the cloud resources needed to constantly attract your audiences. In Carson, Geek Force USA enables such industries to use cloud resources to manage essential workloads and modernize applications.

Managed Infrastructure

To build good value for the organization, the infrastructure needs to be continuously optimized and managed. The media and entertainment industry relies on fast & efficient implementation and excellent marketing coordination to be effective. Geek Force USA communicates with a wide variety of media and entertainment companies to help their IT systems, processes, and technology meet the demands of the related industry. Our services provide technical support and integration of comprehensive services to help customers achieve sustainable business growth. Our IT outsourcing process helps businesses to experience cost savings, streamlined processes and efficiency, and productive IT management and support.
Carson Business Continuity for Media and Entertainment Industry
Carson Proactive IT Support for Media & Entertainment

Enhanced capabilities for collaboration

The M&E industry needs easy collaboration wherever the team members might be. The collaborative skills include the adoption of appropriate collaborative resources and our experts can communicate back and forth about your organizational needs, then create a collaborative solution that streamlines the workflows without flaws. Forget managing multiple chats, email, and file transfer applications. We will centralize your communication strategies to create a more efficient, streamlined environment that allows your abilities to shine. Our highly trained, skilled, and committed IT expert team is ready to take on any technological challenge, strategic plan, or IT security issues that you might have.

Protection of data

In the media and entertainment industry, data breaches harm the organization’s image and can put a full stop to regular business activities and cost tremendous amounts. Geek Force USA provides virtualized solutions for Carson businesses that help you protect sensitive information safely. Geek Force USA protects your confidential business data and helps you meet regulatory data enforcement requirements for data protection and security. We will also evaluate your risk probability, develop customized policies to protect crucial data, and track data access in order to ensure that your sensitive information remains safe.
Carson Experienced IT Professionals for Media & Entertainment Industry
Why Media & Entertainment companies need Geek Force USA?
We have years of experience working with media and entertainment companies to improve their IT infrastructure, networks, applications, and more. Here are a few aspects that describe why they choose us in Carson.
We eliminate the inefficiencies in technology adoption and takes your media business to the next level.
Our expert team enables businesses in the media and entertainment industry to stay ahead of their competitors.
Our IT consultants identify problem areas, find the best solutions, and develop a plan to get out of there.
Securing data with modern technologies and ensuring its protection with IT safeguards, and backup & recovery plans
Increasing the productivity of media companies with customized IT services and enhancing other main functional areas.
By delivering the best-in-class IT architecture, we reduce operating and capital expenses.
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